Have Jehovah's Witnesses Connection with Freemasons?


"The one covering over his transgressions will not succeed,
But whoever [1.] confesses and [2.] abandons them
will be shown mercy."

(Proverbs 28:13)

Today we will examine the rumor that Jehovah's Witnesses are Freemasons. Allegedly, they are connected with occult (hidden) forces and even Satanism.

It is clear that the rank and file Jehovah's Witness absolutely wants to worship God "in spirit and truth" with all his heart. That is why it is important to clarify this massive accusation! Because who would want to be unknowingly associated darkness, with God's adversary and his henchmen?!

We have been thinking back and forth whether we should cover this topic. What if you lose your faith in the truth because of it? Dear human, our wish is that your loyalty to a group of people that you have considered "God's ground staff" will come under scrutiny, while on the other hand your love for YHWH God and for Jesus will become even deeper and more direct.

Ready for an honest, open-ended examination of the facts? Let's go ...

A runner in the starting blocks

Knowledge about the Freemasons - official and unofficial

Briefly summarized: Officially, Freemasons evolved in the Middle Ages from the guild of stonemasons, masons and builders, which is why they use compasses and angle irons as their symbol, as well as wear the apron of stonemasons on ceremonial occasions. They consider themselves a benevolent brotherhood with good aims and are organized in local "lodges". They are neutral in religious and political terms and present themselves as open to the world. In addition to the men's lodges, there are now also women's lodges.

compass, angle, G, mason apron, gmail sign

Behind this superficial picture, however, a wealth of deeper information opens up, confirmed by Masonic books and ex-Masons.

According to them, it is a strict hierarchy of "degrees": from Blue (Apprentice, Journeyman, Master) through Red, Black and White, up to the highest 33rd degree.

These degrees are surrounded by such great secrecy that the lower three degrees CAN'T even know what is going on in the upper degrees. Keyword "arcane discipline", threat of most severe punishments in case of betrayal of internal things.

The initiation into the next degree takes place by mysterious rituals, which take all the more religious and also satanic character, the higher one climbs in the hierarchy (this much is at least leaked and also to be read). We do not want to dig too deep in the dirt here, but we can give you sources of information of these unpleasant things on request,

These sources state that the branches of international Freemasonry (including Rosicrucians, Knights Templar, etc.) have been deliberately infiltrating governments and religions for a long time in order to exert power and control. Conversely, almost all politicians and powerful people on Earth are Freemasons. A truly dystopian world, if that is true!

Now what does this have to do with Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower Society?

Was Charles T. Russell a Freemason?

We'll put together some verified information here, and you draw your own conclusions, okay?

The founder of today's Watchtower Society (WTG) is considered to be Charles Taze Russell (who was actually its 2nd president; the first president was W. H. Conley).

Even the young Russell had surprising funds at his disposal, which he actually could not have obtained solely from his work as a men's shirt salesman. When he left the business young, he is said to have received his inheritance of $250,000. This is unlikely, however, since in 1870 the fortune of the entire Russell family was officially put at only $2,000. From this, some conclude that he must have had backers from elsewhere to build up his publishing house and religious community. More on this later.

Russell was above all a businessman. Among other things, he invested in silver mines, coal, an asphalt company, ran a lumber business, a furniture factory, and owned 95% of an investment company that owned hundreds of parcels of land, real estate, and farms in the United States.

photomontage of C.T. Russell as a freemason

This image of C.T. Russell (center) as a Freemason is a photomontage.

It does NOT prove that he was a Freemason.
It also does not prove that he was NOT a Freemason.

It is meaningless because it is not true.
Let's rather look at facts that you can verify.

Masonic symbols in Watchtower literature

Freemasonry is obsessed with symbols. This includes signs and emblems, hand gestures, and special handshakes. Each degree is only authorized to use certain symbols. Also, number symbolism and also pyramidology.

That Russell was a fan of pyramidology and even understood the pyramids as a "stone testimony of God", from which one could read the future sequence of world events, is well known. Exactly this doctrine was called "satanic doctrine" by his successor Rutherford.

Who was right?

In early Watchtower books and journals we come across a number of graphic signs that Freemasons also often use:

  • The winged sun disk of the Egyptian god Amon-Ra,
  • The crown-and-cross emblem of the Masonic Order of the Templars
  • And the coat of arms of the Knights Templar.
  • The watchtower is also a popular symbol of secret societies.
  • The pyramid with capstone often serves as a symbol of the rule of a small elite over the great masses.
Watchtower of 1917 with Masonic emblems

In Freemasonry, the winged sun disk may be used only by holders of the 33rd degree. It is found on many of Charles Taze Russell's books.

Book cover

Masonic Gestures

There are few film recordings of Russell's lectures. One expert has noticed that he seems to make typical Masonic gestures – but mirror-inverted. Why? He explained that Masons perform their hand gestures in mirror image when speaking to an unknowing (uninitiated) audience.

Are you familiar with this? Then please watch footage of Russell in the "Photodrama of Creation" (YouTube), and share your observations with us!

Is Russell making masonic gestures?

Stealing a Picture From a Freemason Book

Speaking of "Photodrama of Creation" – here we see King Solomon depicted exactly as on the cover of a secret book of magic and freemasonry. Just like twins. The Masonic symbols have been omitted, of course. See it for yourself: Photo Drama Part 2, minute 49:10.

Was Russell's artist a Freemason? Or was he supplied with a template?

King Solomon, image plagiarized from a Freemason's magic book © veriteourien

Russell's Death Provides Clues About his Attitude

C. T. Russell died on an inspection trip to his silver mines in Nevada, during which he also gave many lectures. His last words were quoted in the Watchtower as, "Wrap me in a toga." (WT 01.12.1916 p. 365) Wrapping the deceased in a Roman robe of honor (toga) is one of the funeral rites of the American High Degree Masons.

Russell was buried within sight of a Masonic temple, and next to his tombstone, a pyramid was erected as a memorial with finial stone and crown-and-cross symbol, as he had designated. This pyramid was removed on 01.09.2021 by order of WTBTS, although it was by no means dilapidated ;-)

Pyramid memorial of CT Russell ©maranatha21.blogspot.com

Russell's Talks Reveal his Connections

In the early decades, meetings and public lectures of the "Bible Students" were often held in Masonic temples, and literature distribution also took place from there. Were these just practical decisions, just as even today people rent halls from others when necessary and use offices for subletting? Or did the connections go deeper?

In a 1913 convention address, Russell confessed, "Some of my best friends are Masons ... And I, too, am a accepted Mason." He called Masons not only friends, but even "his brethren." When asked where he got all that secret knowledge, he replied, "From the Greatest Builder ("Grand Master," a typical Masonic expression).

Russell said, "[Jesus Christ] did the great work of founding this great order to which we belong, the Order of Free and Accepted Freemasonry." What a strange statement. Was it just a metaphor, a charming play on words to flatter the hosts of this convention? Or is there more to it?

In the same speech, Russell uses the phrase "Riding the goat," which was a common phrase among early 20th century Masons for the initiation rite into Freemasonry. The goat symbolizes Baphomet.

Interestingly, in the same lecture just a few minutes later, Russell said, "Although I have never been a Freemason ...", in other words, just the opposite.

This resembles a psychological technique called "gaslighting": making contradictory statements intended to confuse the listener and render him incapable of judgment.

Secret Masonic Doctrines in Russell's Teachings

In his sermon "The Desire of All Nations," Russell equates the biblical person Hiram (1 Kings 7:13) with the Messiah of the Jews and with Jesus Christ:

Hiram = the future Jewish Messiah = Jesus Christ.

From a biblical point of view completely strange, but from a Masonic point of view completely correct.

Because the Freemasons expect the return of Hiram-Abiff, "the great Master Mason", who would rebuild the Temple of Solomon and become a blessing for Israel and all nations.

Only: How did Russell know that Hiram-Abiff is the Messiah of the Freemasons? If Freemasons are allowed to talk about this secret doctrine only with real, reliable lodge brothers ...?

Russell also counted Freemasonry among the religions based on the Bible and encouraged Christians to join it.

Masonic Traces from Rutherford Until Today?

Even if Russell was a Freemason, this does not mean that the whole organization of Jehovah's Witnesses is infiltrated by Freemasonry until today. Are there any other traces?

Also Russell's successor J. F. Rutherford expressed contradictory views

  • In 1930 critical of the Freemasons as the embodiment of Satan,
  • In 1935, however, in favor of persecuted Masons in Italy.

("Gaslighting" was a popular tactic among Freemasons. Example: the founder of the Anti-Masonic Party (1830-1840, USA) turned out to be a high-grade Mason. If that´s not controlled opposition ...)

Back to Rutherford. As a lawyer he worked, among others, for the firm Draffen & Rights, whose management consisted of a majority of Freemasons. Nothing unusual in the business world of that time, but ...

Financing of the Bible Students by the Freemasons

In 1923, the Swiss newspaper "Der Morgen" published a letter from an American Freemason to a Swiss Freemason. This revealed that the "Bible Students" (later: Jehovah's Witnesses) were financed by American Freemasonry. He also asked to see to a friendly reporting of the Swiss press about the activities of the Bible Students. (!)

Attempts were made to take legal action against this newspaper report, which did not succeed. Thereupon two more newspapers printed the letter. If you want to see this important evidence for yourself, do some research:

  • Letter to Mr. Herbert von Bomsdorff-Bergen dated 12/27/1922, (CH).
  • "Der Morgen" edition dated 18.05.1923, Solothurn (CH)
  • "Münchener Allgemeine Rundschau" edition 1924 page 757, Munich (D)
  • "Ecclesiastica" edition 1924 page 260, Freiburg (D)

Here is a transcript of the letter as a PDF file.

"Be No Part of the World" – Or Do They?

1991: The Watchtower Society Becomes an UN Member.

Signed by Lloyd Barry, the WTS applied for and received membership in the United Nations as an NGO (non-governmental organization). Until then, they had always portrayed the UN as "the scarlet wild beast on which the Whore of Babylon rides." From 1991, the tone became milder (as they themselves were "riding"), the UN's peace efforts were appreciated - clearly, because membership includes a commitment to promote and communicate the UN's goals and ideals to others.

Through a newspaper article, the membership became known in 2001, the indignation among Witnesses was great, and the WTG abruptly terminated the membership. They had only been able to use the UN library in this way - which is denied by the UN.

1995: Norwegian WTS Receives 6.6 Million Kroner from the Government

Since the WTS was recognized as a church by the state in Norway, it took millions. "Be not a part of the world"?

1997: WTS in Germany Becomes KdöR (Corporation under Public Law)

The "Religious Community of Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany" is recognized as a "corporation under public law" (KdöR) after a 7-year legal battle, with questionable information regarding membership numbers. A KdöR is defined as "an association that carries out tasks under state law under the supervision of the state."

"No part of the world"?

In 2000, all elders were informed that active and passive voting rights of members were now no longer internally prohibited; however, this was not to be openly announced, but only communicated upon direct request of individual proclaimers.

"No part of the world?" "Let your yes be yes"?

1998: France No Longer Interprets WTS Business Activities As Religious

The French state retroactively taxed the income of the French branch to the equivalent of €45 million. As a reaction, the WTS of France immediately sent capital to foreign branch offices and, in a nightly lightning action, shipped the printing presses from Boulange-Billancourt to England to escape the grasp of the treasury.

"Pay back Caesar’s things to Caesar"?

Oh yes: in 1996, following critical press reports, the WTS explicitly asked French Witnesses to vote - something they had previously been forbidden to do because it violated Christian neutrality. In 1999, a WTS representative even confirmed on French television that Witnesses "naturally fulfill their civic duty."

Strange: In other countries, like Malawi, Witnesses went to prison or even to death for Christian neutrality ...?

2000: A State Treaty with Italy

... was signed on 03/20/2000.

2017: "Why Russia Bans Jehovah's Witnesses".

Under this title, a news channel reported on 11/19/2017 about the reasons for the ban (quote):

"Russia currently sees itself existentially threatened by Jehovah's Witnesses - or rather because of their U.S. Trojans - bearing in mind that this organization was originally a product of U.S. Freemasonry. According to the investigative committee, however, Russia is not concerned with a general ban or harming unsuspecting members of Jehovah's Witnesses because it still wants to respect religious freedom. However, since Russia has identified the U.S. Trojans primarily among the leadership of Russian Witness assemblies, it is proceeding with the entire body of Witnesses as physicians do with unmanageably scattered cancer metastases: they are subjecting the entire body – regardless of losses – to forced chemotherapy, as it were."
(Source: kla.tv/11467 in German)

Freemason Traces Today

WTS convention hall in pyramid shape with Horus eye

This is an aerial photo of the Jehovah's Witnesses convention hall in Silkeborg, Denmark. It was designed and built by the WTS and inaugurated in 1991.

When unrest arose on the internet because of the occult symbolism, it was sold to the local government in 2017. Today it is used as a vaccination center. View on GoogleMaps ?

Dollar bill with pyramid and Horus eye

And here a cutout from the American dollar bill with the "All-seeing eye", the Egyptian Horus eye, the "Eye of Providence".

The writing underneath reads: "New Order of the Ages".

thoughtful yet naive face

Why is the Bible of Jehovah's Witnesses actually called the "New World Translation"?
And why are especially older Witnesses used to call the future paradise "the New Order" or "the New World"?

"New World Order" ... the expression is usually heard from top politicians. But this is certainly coincidence.

Freemason's Daughter and Ex-Witness Confirms Today's Connection

Veronica H. grew up as a Jehovah's Witness and daughter of an elder who is a Freemason. She states that even today in every congregation some Witnesses are Masons (with the rest of the proclaimers not knowing).

In video recordings, she confronts witnesses and documents the Masonic signaling language they use to silence her without words ("signaling" and "checking"). The ring on the little finger plays an important role.

In another video, she shows startling parallels between the beliefs and terms of Jehovah's Witnesses and Freemasons.

Strange Art in the "Holy of Holies"

During a 2010 visit to Bethel in Brooklyn, a Jehovah's Witness toured the Governing Body conference room. Visitors were specifically instructed NOT to photograph the artwork in this room. However, one set of sculptures struck her as so odd that she did not comply:

Billy goat in front of a Watchtower in GB conference room

Billy goats.
A he-goat in front of a watchtower.

Is there any kind of biblical reference for this?

Final Conclusion

We come to the end of our list, although there is much more to mention.

Whether you find the information as a whole conclusive or not, please join us in keeping the biblical warning in mind:


„This is what YHWH says:

Cursed is the man who puts his trust in mere humans,
Who makes flesh his arm (relies on human power),
And whose heart turns away from YHWH."

(Jeremiah 17:5)

We have ONE mediator and Leader to whom we can turn at any time: Yahusha ha-Mashiach, Jesus Christ. We do not need people to show us the way and act as a "channel".

All we need is a Bible, God's Holy Spirit, and an open heart thirsty for truth. That alone will reliably bring us close to God.


"We must obey God as ruler rather than men."

(Acts 5:29)

Nothing and no one belongs between you and your Heavenly Father and your Savior. Please never allow any human being (or group of human beings) to come in between and insist on loyalty that is not their due. It is not humans who deserve our unconditional love, our fullest trust, but only the Almighty who created you and gave you life, and His beloved Son who gave His life for yours.


Sources and reading recommendations:

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