Films for Jehovah's Witnesses

Brooklyn, April 23, 2017. On a Sunday morning the invited speaker gives a crystal clear Biblical talk in the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah´s Witnesses. After 15 minutes his microphone is turned off and he is asked to leave the platform. What happened?

Fictional phone call of an elder trying to limit the damage after the "apostate" Bible lecture, giving a deep insight into the functioning of his body of elders.

Delicious humour of oppressive realism!

How to Witness to a Witness

"Just Imagine I'd got a knife in my back, I'm dying. What do I have to do to enter God's Kingdom? Please help me!!"

The young Witness' answer reveals a lot about the spiritual food he feeds on.
(English with German subtitles)

Convention review of 2017

Are Jehovah's Witnesses Christians? What do you need to keep in mind this year? What are the 2017 baptism questions?

A little joke by the by. :-)