Charagma - the Mark of the Beast

Comparison of Bible statements and world events


3 dices 666

„[The beast] also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.“

(Revelation 13:16-18, NIV)

Is the mark acceptable for Christians?

Since the verses before speak about the use of violence by the beast (world power), about persecution of Christians and compulsion to idolatry under threat of death, it can be assumed that this measure is also directed against Christians and against faithful devotion to God. So: No, it is not acceptable for Christians at all!

What does the Bible say about the mark?

The word for mark in the original Greek text is "charagma" (χάραγμα). It means, among other things, stamp, impression, engraving, sign.

Functions of a charagma

  • A sign that enables indisputable identification (who are you?),
  • A symbol that establishes an irrefutable link between parties (who are you with?),
  • An "identifying mark", a unique "brand" of the owner (who is your owner?).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon therefore interprets it as "the mark stamped on the forehead or right hand as the badge of the followers of the Antichrist".

From this it becomes more than clear why the mark is not for us Christians: our owner is Christ, no one else. How could one accept the ownership stamp of one's adversary!

Physical nature of a charagma

Charagma comes from "charasso" = to sharpen, engrave, etch, prick, scratch, cut.

Charagma is therefore created by the action of a tool (knife, needle, chemical substance) on a material. In Revelation 13:16, the material acted upon by the tool is the human body, namely right hand or forehead.

Interestingly, the King James Bible is the only one that translates that the mark will be IN the hand or IN the forehead.

Another related word is "charax" (χάραξ), a pointed pole, palisade, siege mound. Charax appears only in Luke 19:43:


„Because the days will come upon you when your enemies will build around you a fortification with pointed stakes and will encircle you and distress you from every side, and they will dash you and your children within you to the ground, and they will not leave a stone upon a stone in you, because you did not discern the time of your being inspected.” (Luke 19:43, 44 NWT)

A charax (palisade) that had not been recognised in time while it was still being built was a weapon of siege and destruction from which there was no escape, just as in the years 66 - 70 AD in Jerusalem: only those who listened to Jesus' warning, kept a watchful eye on world events and ran away were safe.

Blurred  image of 3 dices showing 666

What does the charagma look like?

We do not yet know exactly. As we read at the beginning, the Bible mentions in connection with the mark

  • the name of the beast,
  • the number of his name,
  • the number of the beast = a man's number = 666.

In Hebrew, letters have a numerical value at the same time, similar to the Roman numerals (I, III, XIV ...). Numerology also assigns numbers to letters, e.g. A = 1, B = 2 etc. . The intelligent reader of the Bible is asked to calculate "the number of the name of the beast", which corresponds to the number of a (certain?) person, namely 666.

For this task not only is arithmetic required, but also "wisdom", i.e. a combination of knowledge and cleverness, and certainly a good power of observation, strengthened by God's Spirit.

So let us ask for God's spirit and observe the events of our time.

Parallels to the 666 Mark in World Events

The number combination 666 can be found in a wide variety of company and product logos, sometimes clearly, sometimes only visible with a good will.

Walt Disney Logo
Google Chrome Logo 666
Monster Energydrink 666

The EAN barcode, which has identified all saleable products in Europe since 1977, contains the number 6 three times.

EAN Strichcode 666

The worldwide patent number 2020 060606 describes a technology that connects a cryptocurrency with biological functions of the human body. More on this later.

Patent WO2020060606

The same entrepreneur (whose company owns this patent) has publicly announced his intention to vaccinate 7 billion people against SARS-CoV 2 ("Corona") with a completely new procedure. This procedure introduces new components (m-RNA) into the human genome (DNA). "We won´t be back to the world we had before Corona until we [...] have a vaccine." (German news magazine Tagesschau of 12-04-2020, in English)

A study shows that the RNA vaccine from the company Moderna contains, among other things, a substance called Luciferin* in a 66.6% solution. A droll coincidence.

*Luciferins are self-luminous bioluminescent substances. Luci-fer = Latin light-bearer, light-bringer; is also used as a term for Satan (cf. 2 Corinthians 11:14).

Luciferin in a vaccine of Moderna

The word "Corona" consists of 6 letters; the numerical values of the letters (see above) add up to 66:

c = 3, o = 15, r = 18, o = 15, n = 14, a = 1

Corona Bier Logo

There are plans to anchor a person's vaccination status directly in his or her body in a tamper-proof way, e.g. by means of a vaccination patch on the hand. On the underside of the patch are microneedles that penetrate the skin much like snake's teeth and deliver not only the vaccine, but also a substance called Luciferase that leaves a globally unique, permanent identification pattern in the person's skin that can be read by electronic devices. (Evidence)

Impfpass in der HautBildquelle: Second Bay Studios

So is Corona Vaccination the Mark of the Beast?

This completely new type of RNA vaccination is admittedly an incalculable health risk due to totales inadequate testing phases; especially the first encounter with a virus after vaccination led to up to 100 % deaths in previous animal experiments, while the unvaccinated animals fell ill but recovered. Animal testing was skipped in this year's approvals ...

But a vaccination is usually administered in the upper arm, not the forehead or hand.
For this and other reasons, we are not convinced that the Corona vaccination is the biblical "mark".
So we need to push the envelope even further.

Step by Step Getting Connected to the Internet of Things

The RFID chip, which is already in use e.g. in the US and Sweden, is implanted through a small incision in the right hand and is about the size of a grain of rice. Besides a transmitter and receiver unit, it contains data on a microchip about the identity of the wearer, sometimes also about chronic illnesses. It can be linked to the company's own hours account, but also to the wearer's bank account, and can be used for purchases.

Modern nanodevices are even smaller; they are even called "intelligent dust" and can fulfil various tasks in the human body.

Apple Watch Armbanduhr

The Apple Watch and comparable devices have sensors to monitor heart rate and ECG, a position and acceleration sensor that detects movement, and a GPS link that records all distances travelled. (Source: Wikipedia)

Now we come back to the world patent No. 2020 060606 owned by the Microsoft Corporation. The patent specification shows that the user of a "device" is assigned a task. Implanted body sensors record human body activity, send their measurement data via a communication network to a server, which checks whether the conditions set by the system have been met (i.e. whether the task has been completed) and allocates the corresponding cryptocurrency (virtual money) to the user.

Here is the original sketch of the patent:

Patent 2020 060606 sketch

More fact finds on the topic of cryptocurrency:

"Great Reset" is a phrase heard more often towards the end of 2020 (e.g. by Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum). It refers to a fundamental restructuring of the ailing economic system. Cash money is to be abolished. Politicians also mention an "unconditional" basic income to be offered to everyone. What is less well known is that in return everyone is to give up their private property. Forever. (Evidence)

Pope Francis also calls for an "Universal Basic Income". In his new book "Let Us Dream" he combines his analysis with Covid-19 and calls for a new world order. (Evidence)

Clear picture of 3 dices 666

So far we have gathered clues, collected pieces of the puzzle. Is something still missing? What is your opinion? It is up to you, dear reader, to evaluate the facts and draw your conclusions. We welcome your feedback via email or on our Facebook page.

We try to connect the dots and ask our heavenly Father and his Messiah to allow us to see the big picture, just as he announced in Daniel chapter 12.