Aim and Purpose of this Website

the sky at sunrise

"The fourth watch" is an expression from the Bible (Matthew 14:12) and refers to the period from about 3 a.m. until sunrise.

We have chosen the name because, figuratively speaking, we are in the period of time just before the symbolic dawn, namely the deliverance through the kingship of Jesus Christ. The most difficult time to stay awake ...

This is a challenge for every believer: Stay awake!


So be vigilant! For you do not know on what day your Lord will come."

(Matthew 24:42)

"Behold, I come like a thief. Blessed is he who stays awake and keeps his robe on, lest he walk naked and his bareness be seen!"

(Revelation 16:15)

What does "staying awake" mean?

We understand this to mean being open to new points of view, but also questioning them critically – and also checking ourselves to see if we are not barking up the wrong tree, and then correcting ourselves. We are not concerned with biblical head knowledge, but with lived faith and growth in intimate connection with our heavenly Father Yahuwah (YHWH) and our King Yahusha ha-Mashiach (Jesus Christ). This is our goal, and this is what we wish for each of our readers.

Every person is stuck somewhere in his own tunnel of reality. Therefore, everyone may look at the world the way he / she wants, and believe what he / she wants. With this website we would like to provide building blocks that one may or may not accept. If not, we are of course happy about a corresponding constructive feedback! ;-)

We don't want to lecture you, but to give you food for thought to think for yourself – and we are happy if this doesn't become a one-way street, but a mutual exchange.


"For our knowledge is in part, and our prophetic speaking is in part. 10 When the whole truth is revealed, the partial will be over."

(1 Corinthians 13:9,10)

When we think of "piecework" we always think of puzzle pieces. How often do we search and turn a piece of the puzzle until another Christian comes along with the missing piece. How beautiful, finally a clearer picture emerges.

And Who Are We?

We grew up Christian (Protestant / Catholic), lost the thread for a while, then did a Bible course with Jehovah's Witnesses and decided to live as Jehovah's Witnesses. For about 20 years. Then we noticed more and more uncharitable procedures and falsified Bible teachings in this grouping. We looked behind the scenes, were shocked and wanted to discuss this. Which led to massive conflicts and ultimately to our expulsion. Fortunately.

This website was also a "stone of contention," although it was still in its infancy in 2016. We wanted to report as neutrally as possible about, for example, the Sexual Abuse Commission in Australia, which also scrutinized Jehovah's Witnesses, or about stock profits for the Watchtower. We wanted to present our biblical finds (such as the Acta Pilati and the ingenious Bible essays by eWatchman) and also our own contributions for discussion.

People enjoy reading the Bible

In the meantime we have many general Christian topics in it and were allowed to get to know very dear fellow believers and co-thinkers: our spiritual brothers and sisters.

And we are Christians in the wild. Not firmly attached to any congregation or church. We have found a new access to Jesus Christ, which we did not have in the ZJ community, and our faith has been totally revived. What a spiritual richness.

Answers to questions we sometimes get asked:

Is "The Fourth Watch" a church or denomination (sect)?
No. "Die vierte Wache" is a private website (we explained the meaning above). We are loosely and amicably connected with other Christians scattered all over Germany and a few other countries. For the rest, we stand on our own two feet.
Do you meet? Do you have a community or congregation?
Yes and no. Once a month we go to a meeting that someone else organizes. Then there's a Telegram group and a Zoom meeting every now and then.
Can you help me find a house church near me?
With pleasure. Have a look at Volker Blockhaus' website "", maybe you will find a small house church there or get help to start one yourself.
Can I meet with you?
Sure. We live in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany). Better call us first. See Legal Notice.
How do you finance yourselves?
This website is one of our hobbies. Time and expenses we pay ourselves. So far we had always enough. :-)